“I have been in the field of health and media for well over a decade, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with all kinds of people. I’ve found that human development, healing and success is often tricky to navigate. These speakers are in my top picks for bringing something significant to human thriving!”

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Dr. John Gray – New scientific evidence reveals that a good relationship can dramatically improve your health. Hear from the #1 relationship expert in the world who has sold over 50 million books in more that 45 languages around the globe!


Waldo “the wingman” Waldman – Want to overcome fear? This combat fighter pilot overcame claustrophobia and a fear of heights! New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “Never Fly Solo” shares what it takes to be a peak performance coach and leadership speaker.


Rudy Reyes – Why does this highly decorated Special Forces Marine/TV star/martial arts world champion teach his soldiers yoga and meditation? How did this severely abused boy grow up to win the love and devotion of his brothers and inspire the hearts and minds of those who know him?


Ron Teeguarden – Find out why scores of the hottest celebrities turn to him to supply their reguvinative elixers. Widely recognized as the Father of Chinese Tonic Herbs, Ron has been reported to supply vitality affirming herbs to Hollywood notables such as Sharon Stone, Arnold Palmer, Mel Gibson (and his entire cast and crew), and Ben Vereen.


Lorna Byrne – Find out why this enchanting woman’s story has been translated into 22 languages across the planet. “Angels In My Hair” is the story of this modern day Irish mystic who has brought so much love, hope, peace and comfort to those who hear her.


Pat Williams – How does anyone accomplish being Senior Vice President to the NBA’s Orlando Magic, consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies, author of over 55 books, and celebrated father to 19 kids? Experience life secrets from this much loved coach, motivational speaker, leader and father.


John Robbins – Arguably the finest author in the area of longevity, health and wellness. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for work, his best selling books include “Diet For A New America”, “The New Good Life” and “Healthy at 100″. He walked away from the Baskin Robbins fortune to bring this lifesaving information to you!


Rudy Reuttiger – What is it about the hit feature film “Rudy” that captures the hearts and spirits of people around the globe? Young, old, rich, poor, male, female, Rudy’s raw commitment, determination and dedication inspires generations. Hear his compelling story up close and personal!


Sheri Simson – The price we pay for not exercising is scientifically devastating. If you or someone you care about hasn’t mastered exercise, this simple little exercise secret can turn their life around! Find out from “the pole lady” how to effortlessly and enjoyably raise your cardio by 30% and decrease your joint stress at the same time!


Robert Shemin – What do the wealthy know that you don’t? Author of nine best selling books including “How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not?” and “The Seven S.E.C.R.E.T.S. of the Money Masters” has surprising information revealing who is getting rich and who is not!


Jeffrey Gitomer – The champion of sales! Whether you want to “sell” your boss on your worth, your clients on your services, your customers on your products or your potential life-partner on you, you’ll have a lot to learn from this New York Times Best Seller of “The Sales Bible”, “The Little Red Book of Selling”, “The Little Black Book of Connections” and “The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude”.


Matthew Fox – What did this author of 22 books (“The Hidden Spirituality of Men”, “Creativity” and “The Reinvention of Work”) have to say that so inspired his students such as worldwide best selling authors Wayne Dyer and Carolyn Myss? What is it about his message that helps bring meaning back into life?


Jordan Romero – Meet the 13 year old who broke the record for being the youngest to climb Everest! This was his 7th summit worldwide! How does something this young accomplish such a feat? Why did Microsoft invite him to be their keynote speaker?

*Speakers subject to change without notification